Care instructions

Mineral Cast / high gloss – white-uni U 300

The high gloss and porefree surface requires nothing but a liquid, commercial, non-scouring cleaning agent as well as a soft cloth.

Problematic stains, from cigarette scorching or nail varnish for instance can be cleaned easily with helopal poloshing paste or nail varnish remover.

Solid Surface / matt – white S 500

The matt surface can be cleaned with abrasive. For the matt surface also close grained sand paper or the yellow/green sponge ( f.e. Scotch brite ) can be used.

General Instructions

  • Remove protective film only following final acceptance (subsequent to all installation work).
  • The temperature of the water must not exceed 55° C.
  • Hair dyers must be removed from the helopal – surface within a few seconds to avoid spots.