«Cura Vario»

Art. 11079

Technical data
  • Length: 800 – 2400 mm
  • Depth: 550/360 mm
  • Basin size: 634 x 420 mm
  • Basin depth : 115 mm
  • Front apron height: 40mm
  • Rear splash lip height: 60mm
  • Without armature aperture: for wall-mounted faucet
  • Mounting: with installation skirting with cane bolt attatchment. Up to a lenght of axis of 700 mm ist is sufficient to use one support  bracket art.no 90005W left an right. For longer washstands an additional angle bracket art.no. 90001W/90015W in the range of the shelf is necessary. With a side-panel instead of the suuport bracket a angle bracket art.no. 90001W/90015W is used.
    Definition: length of axis = length center of washbasin to end of washstand
  • Weight: approx. 45 kg with a total length of 2400 mm, weight per 100 mm of shelves approx. 1.5 kg



Washstand cast in a single piece with one basin, without overflow

Washstand without armature aperture, for wall-mounted faucet
(for permanent overflow art.no. 90063 has to be added)




Installation skirting

Surfaces and colors

Surface available
high gloss, uni coloured WHITE
matt surface WHITE


Barrier-free characteristics
  • Washstand Cura Vario complies with DIN 18040-1 and 18040-2.
  • The washstand allows a comfortable approach with the wheelchair. At an installation level of 800 mm the requested legroom of 670 mm is guaranteed.


Measures in sketches in mm
Due to technical reasons the presentation is not true to scale
Technical changes reserved