«Organic P DE»

Art. 12578

Technical data
  • Length: 1300 – 2400 mm
  • Depth: 555 mm
  • Basin size: 1200 x 403 mm
  • Depth of basin: 130 mm
  • Plate thickness: 25 mm
  • Armature aperture: ø 35 mm
    Solution without armature aperture possible
    Solution with 1 or 2 armature apertures possible
  • Mounting: Furniture washbasins must fully rest on a supporting furniture.
  • Weight: 61 kg with a total length of 2400 mm, weight per 100 mm of shelves approx. 2.8 kg



Washstand cast in a single piece with one basin, without overflow

MG overflow-cover included, for Clou overflow 1)


required open space area in the design of the furniture

1) without overflow:

Clou overflow art.no. 90064 has to be added

Surfaces and colors

Surface available
high gloss, uni coloured WHITE
matt surface WHITE

Measures in sketches in mm
Due to technical reasons the presentation is not true to scale
Technical changes reserved