«Halbeinbaubecken Gamma 650»

Art. 13016

Technical data
  • Length: 650 mm
  • Depth: 530 mm
  • Basin size: 504 x 341 mm
  • Armature aperture: Ø 35 mm
  • To be used in combination with Profil Vario Art.Nr. 13000
    Please declare the position of the washbasin (the washbasins) on the profile, depth of profile. The washbasin will be glued with the profile ex factory
  • Mounting Material:
    With installation skirting for cane bolt attachment + angled brackets or supporting bracket. Amount and type of mounting material depending on length and depth of profile and on built-in situation
  • Weight: approx. 19 kg
  • Available without armature aperture on demand
  • This washbasin is available in white uni-coloured



Semi recessed washbasin with overflow


Depth of profile: 380 – 460mm

Surfaces and colors

Surface available
high gloss, uni coloured WHITE
matt surface WHITE

Measures in sketches in mm
Due to technical reasons the presentation is not true to scale
Technical changes reserved