«Classic Vario 500/450»

Art. 11172

Technical data
  • Length: – 2400 mm
  • Depth: 450 mm
  • Depth of shelves: as stated in order
  • Basin size: 450 x 310 mm
  • Front apron height: 110/70 mm
  • Armature aperture: ø 35 mm
  • Mounting material:
    With installation skirting with cane bolt attatchment + brackets. Number and type of mounting material depending on length of washstand and built-in-situation
  • Weight: Washbasin 500 mm: approx. 16 kg weight per 100 mm of shelves approx. 1,3 kg




Washstand cast in a single piece with one basin, 2 attached shelves, with overflow



To order the following information is needed

A =mm
B =mm
X =mm
Y = mm


one shelf, left or right

2 shelves left and right different dephts of shelves

Surfaces and colors

Surface available
high gloss, uni coloured WHITE
matt surface ---


Measures in sketches in mm
Due to technical reasons the presentation is not true to scale
Technical changes reserved